More for Moore

Teachers are amazing people.  We love what we do and we love our students.

We also love giving a helping hand.

In light of the recent natural disaster in Oklahoma, teachers are banding together and pledging their TpT earnings to a charity of their choice.

On Monday (Memorial Day) 100% of my TpT earnings will be donated to the Salvation Army Oklahoma Tornado Relief.  All the items in my store will be 10% off as well.

Please take some time to visit my store for any goodies you might have had your eye on -- and stock up! It's for a great cause.

Special thanks to Donna over at Math Coach's Corner for organizing this amazing gesture.  If you've got a TpT store and would like to join us, be sure to check out the details here.

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  1. Thanks for your part in help my storm-ravaged Oklahoma colleagues. Keep them in your prayers and the healing (material, physical, and emotional) will take much longer than people think.

    Jill in Oklahoma


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