Magical Product Swap - Go Fish! Fractions

Hooray! It's the first Magical Product Swap of 2013, hosted by wonderful Jessica Stanford at Mrs. Stanford's Class!


I've never participated in a Swap before, so I'm super excited to share the product I got to review from Jessica over at What I Have Learned!


Before I rave about this adorable game that is perfect for my Math Workshop/Centers, I wanted to share some pictures that will give my review a bit more context.

About two years ago, my sister sent me a Pampered Chef food chopper. I'm not kidding, it's the best kitchen device in the world.  I was so excited to get this gift and wanted to show her how much I loved it, that I staged some pictures of me doing lots of fun things with my chopper.

My chopper and me having a book club...

My chopper and me drinking wine and having girl talk...

And my favorite, my chopper and me playing Wii....

We had a lot of fun together, my chopper and me! Today, I asked my chopper if she wanted to play and fun math game! (Choppers love to learn about math).

So we played Go Fish Fractions!

She had the best time! I however, did not. Do you see all those matches that Chopper has?? She's killing me!

Tee hee! Now for some awesomeness about this cute game!

First, it was super easy to prep! I printed the pages and within minutes, these colorful cards were ready-to-go!

I cut out the cards and the lines were perfectly matched - I was able to cut out a couple of sheets at a time!

Look at these colorful cards!

Okay, this is my favorite part! There are more than two matches for each fraction - and there are 'parts of a group' fractions. (Notice the apples and the markers below.) My kids always have a much harder time with that compared to the regular shape fractions. I think including that is such a great idea!

The other great thing about adding this to your math centers/workshop is that your kids will already know how to play Go Fish - you're just switching out the cards.  I love games like that because I hate to spend a ton of time teaching my kiddos how to play games. I like my math games to be simple for my kiddos and easy to implement.  This game meets the bill!

If you're interested in snatching up this great product, visit Jessica's TpT store here!

And just for fun, I've added a giveaway to my post! You can win these Go Fish Fractions and one item of your choice from my store!

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  1. My brain is fried and I have nothing thoughtful to comment except that I think both your pack and Jessica's pack look great!

  2. I almost peed my pants. I love the choppah! SO FUNNY! Thanks for making the blogging world more interesting!

  3. love it! how was I not following you? I am now chicka! :)

  4. A fun fraction game would be awesome right now in my classroom! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh My Word....I LOVE the pictures of you and your "beloved" chopper! Hahaha! You are so fun!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  6. My favorite picture is of you and your chopper having a book club! Too funny!

  7. I am so sorry your Chopper was beating you at this game ;-) I would LOVE to win this
    game for my kiddos , its easy to make (me) and easy to play (them) definitely a win-win!!
    Thanks for the chance to win this :-)

  8. I was already following you, and I'm so glad, because you posing with the chopper made my day. That is hilarious.

    Now I'm off to browse your products! HOLLA.

    Teach On.

  9. I also love my chopper lol! The Go Fish Fractions looks like a great game; thanks for sharing.


  10. Love all the pictures- I lol'ed! :P

  11. I laughed SO hard at this post during my lunch break today!! You crack me up! :)

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