First 12 in the Last of 12 Linky

This is a fun little post to say goodbye to 2012!

Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies is hosting a linky party where we share our first twelve posts of 2012.  What a fun idea!  I started out as a very slow blogger, so some of my posts are spread out.

Here it goes!

1. 2/27/12:   A fun fluency program called 'Awesome Reader' (my first post ever!)
2. 2/28/12:   Homophones lesson
3. 3/8/12:     Parent conferences short post
4. 3/25/12:   Multiple Meaning Words
5. 4/14/12:   Open House Classroom Pictures!
6. 4/26/12:   A funny cat graphic I made inspired by US Weekly and my cat.
7. 5/2/12:     Center for finding Main Idea in Non-Fiction
8. 5/4/12:     A fun project idea for Mother's Day
9. 5/10/12:   The finished Mother's Day project!
10. 5/30/12: Classroom Spring Fever Drama
11. 6/3/12:   Ace your teaching job interview! Part One
12. 6/19/12: End of year parent volunteer gift idea

I'd love you to check out any of those oldies that sound interesting! Clicking on those posts brings back memories to me! :) (And reminds me of things I need to start planning for! Yikes!)

If you're a blogger, I'd love to see what your first 12 posts in 2012 were! So head on over to Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies and link up!

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