Downtime Linky & New Year Fun!

Amy @ Step into 2nd Grade is hosting another fun New Year's linky as part of her linky series! 

This is good because I need lots of blogging motivation since I'm spending more hours in pajamas than is recommended by the American Winter Break Association.
Today linky is all about Downtime!

So I'm linking up to share how I'll be spending my downtime in 2013! I added my fitness goal for tomorrow, too, since I will be working in my room and will probably not be able to post. :)

In my 2013 downtime, I will....

And my fitness goal:

How about you? How will you be spending your free time next year? Go link up with Amy Lemons to share! :)


  1. Hello You've Got Mail loving friend! I loved reading your goals! I hope to get back into running this year, I've always enjoyed it but haven't made it a big priority for awhile, it's so therapeutic! Have a great New Year! :)
    Fourth and Ten
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  2. We have so much in common!!! I also love to sit by the fire with my kitty, an ankle injury has hampered by tennis playing this year, and I can NEVER leave work it time to avoid rush hour traffic. (Although I'm sure traffic is worse where you are).

    Happy New Year Friend!! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
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