When I was in... Linky Party!

Hi there friends! I was sifting through some old photos this afternoon, and thought I'd start a Linky Party for us to show pictures of US when WE were in the grade we are currently teaching! (Or right around there...) So fun, right?!

When I was in second grade, I had a lisp.  With several months of speech therapy, I overcame it. But the memory lasts for ever.

And so does a school picture...

The photographer asked me to say "flowers". Yes, flowers.

With an 's' on the end.

So I cheerfully said, "flowers". (I often say things cheerfully.) Which meant my tongue was completely between my teeth, lisp on display.  And... click.

Thank God for retakes. 

So here's my recovery second grade picture (sure wish I still had that funny one!)

And this is super fun: My school, Crooked Billet Elementary, was built on the site of one of the battles of The Revolutionary War.   There's even a cannon on the front lawn! Every May 1st, the whole school celebrates Crooked Billet Day.  The kids dress as colonial men and women, sing patriotic songs, and make speeches about liberty and freedom.  So here's me in second grade on Crooked Billet Day.

And here's me now with the hubster! (Just so you don't have an image of me with an apron from this moment on.)

So join in, friends! :)


1. Post a picture (or two!) of you from when you were in the grade you teach (or around there).
2. Post a picture of you now! :)
3. Be nice and visit others to comment.

Have fun!!


  1. ooooo I can't wait to do this when I get home! :)


  2. You were such a little cutie pie! :)

  3. You were absolutely adorable! Ahh, the things we remember when we were young. I only have one pic of me in Second grade, and its at school, lol. I will have to grab it tomorrow and link up.


  4. What a great idea! Thanks for sending me down memory lane tonight!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  5. I am enjoying this linky party! I get to see all these cute precious faces...

  6. How cute! I'll have to go find a picture of me when I was in Kindergarten...

  7. How cute! I'll have to go find a picture of me when I was in Kindergarten...

  8. This was a great idea! Thanks for hosting! You look adorable by the way!
    3 Teacher Chicks

  9. You are so stinkin' adorable!!!!! :) Thanks for hosting this fun linky!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi Kate! I don't want you to think that I forgot about your linky party! I have to wait and visit my Mom tomorrow to get a picture of me in Second Grade. I don't have anything below age 12. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
    Second Grade Freebies

  11. Sorry about the double link-up. The first post had some issues, so I had to re-link it. I am so LOVING this linky party. Everyone is adorable!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  12. That's super cute! I'll definitely link up with my next post. I'm a new follower! :)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  13. What a fun party! I hope to get a post in to link up before the party ends.


  14. You are adorable! So glad I found your linky and your blog! I love it. I am your newest follower!



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