The Great Pinterest Pumpkin Debacle

This school year I have an All-Star (seriously, All-Star!) room mom.  She's planning an incredible party for my kiddos tomorrow and has been hard at work making all sorts of adorable things.  

All I have to do is remember to not eat 5 carb-rich bagels smothered in cream cheese. (I will fit into my winter jeans... I will fit into my winter jeans...)

Anywho, here's a sneak peak at this awesome display my tech-savvy room mom created based on a picture she found on Pinterest:

(If YOU are the original creator of this amazing idea and happen to stumble upon my little boutique blog, please tell me so I can give you some virtual kudos!)

But to understand the true awesomeness of this pumpkin, read on.

Rather than candy, my room mom decided to put money (coins) into the balloons. And instead of throwing darts (which I think is questionable due to the rabid-like excitement levels of second graders on Halloween after the school-wide parade), we're just pricking the balloons with thumbtacks under the direct supervision of a highly qualified and trained parent volunteer. ;)

Of course, I thought this was absolutely brilliant, since the students would be forced to count their money making this an er... educational game. (I know, a stretch.)

Unfortunately, it shan't be so.

Within twenty minutes, the coin-filled balloons began to deflate. Notice the balloons on the top of the pumpkin.

To the best of our collaborative scientific minds, we've surmised that there must have been some kind of chemical reaction between the metal and the rubber.

But that's just our guess.

My sweet room mom has decided to put the coins in Ziploc bags behind the balloons, which students will uncover after popping.  And bless her heart, she's coming in to set up before school tomorrow!

A bit less exciting, since oodles of coins won't be raining from above, but still quite fun.

So if YOU happened to see this on Pinterest, and wanted to do it, just be warned.  Coins = limp balloons.  You heard it here first!

I'll post more pictures of my party later this week. 

I'd love to hear what you're up to for tomorrow!

Happy Halloween, everybody!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the balloon pumpkin!! So weird that they started deflating though! Great improvising!! I still can't believe tomorrow is Halloween!! Getting ready for a crazy (but fun) day! :)

  2. That looks so fun...raining coins or not :)

    And aren't awesome, super-star room moms the best? I had one last year and it was life changing :))

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  3. What a great idea! You just HAVE to love those helpful parents too. I just discovered your blog and I'm your newest follower!


  4. SO excited to be your newest follower! I LOVE your blog!! I just read your "About" section and I love that you give your students opportunities to struggle with things they don't know--learning is so much more meaningful that way! Also, my sister was in school in San Diego last year so I had the chance to visit a couple of times...beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!

    Little Miss Primary

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)


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