Nostalgia & Currently...

I've been feeling a bit blue this week, missing my Northeast Fall weather and all that comes with it.

It doesn't help that it's been a bajillion degrees in San Diego for the last (what feels like) gazillion days.

It also does not help that two of my most special teacher friends both moved to the Boston area in the last 10 months.  And one said friend posted about a cranberry festival.... sigh.

Things I'm missing about the great Northeast:

- Real pumpkin patches on real farms with real rows of corn.
- Bonfires with the actual purpose of warmth-keeping
- Hot Chocolate after hayrides
- Thanksgiving Day football games (where you freeze your butt off!)
- Cute sweaters and knee high boots
- Scarves!

I know come February, I'll be reminded of the wonderfulness of SoCal, but for now I'm missing my roots.  Any East Coasters relate?


time for Currently via Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

Happy October everyone!! Can't wait to see what cute things all of you are doing this month! Go link up with Farley to share. :)


  1. Although if I am not an east coaster, my family moved to CT and so I long to be there with them.. I will have to try out your book!

  2. I know nothing about this northeast stuff you mention... but it sounds wonderful! husband and I went to the movies tonight and I actually wore a sweater!!! That's a step in the right direction, right?
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  3. Hi Kate,

    I love your blog and am glad to find another great 2nd grade teacher like me. I'm linking up after your comment on my blog (thank u btw). I've been cracking up reading your blog posts and I'm a new follower. Thanks for sharing lots of great stuff. It is nice right now on the East Coast, but soon when we're freezing you'll be talking about trips to the beach and well all be jealous. :)

    1. Woops...not that I'm a great teacher, I meant...oh well. Its fun to find 2nd grade teacher blogs to follow. :)

  4. Hello! I will have to check out the Turkey for Thanksgiving book asap! I grew up in Michigan and currently live in Kansas. There are definitely some great things about hitting all the seasons, but come December and January I am going to be sooooo jealous of your weather!!! I'm now following and would love it if you stopped by sometime!!
    Second Grade Smartypants

  5. I live in Indiana, and I am loving all that fall stuff- except when my windshield was frosted over this morning and I was almost late to work scraping it. Bet you're glad you don't have to deal with that part of fall, but I can understand missing the rest! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I'm your newest follower :-).

    You have described fall in St. Louis! I'll try to post some pictures, so you can feel at home. San Diego is seriously beautiful, too!

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am now your newest follower.
    I miss the cool weather sooooo much. WE moved from New York to Florida 8 years ago.
    I coached my sons soccer game on Saturday and was soaking wet from the heat.
    try and stay cool..

  8. I can completely relate to missing the northeast! My family moved from Massachusetts to Florida back in '86, and I still miss the fall! BTW, I LOVE the book, A Turkey for Thanksgiving!


  9. I love the book Turkey for Thanksgiving also! And, I can't imagine living in a state with no fall. Fall is definitely my favorite season. I am sorry that you have to do without! :)


  10. I only lived in the northeast for 1 1/2 years, but I miss the fall colors, the crisp air, and hot apple cider on a cold day. I'm BOO-ing you (it's a good thing!). Hope you'll pop over to find out what it's all about. Take care,
    First Grade Found Me

  11. Sorry you are homesick! I have lived in the south all my life and Fall is my favorite time of year. The colors and weather is beautiful. LOve your blog and am always excited to find other second grade blogs! I am now a follower.

    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  12. You've been boo-ed! Please visit my blog for more information so you can participate too!



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