Spring Fever, Self-Esteem, & Class Musical Drama

What a crazy few weeks we've had in my class!  Since my wonderful Mother's Day Craft (Okay, so I don't come up with things that cute very often - I'm milking it!), things have been a little buggy! Pun intended because our class musical this year is an adorable play called 'Goin' Buggy'. I have to admit that when I was a third grader, the second graders performed this - and I was so jealous!

So, we become busy with our *fancy* (read:simple) choreography and singing rehearsals.  Parts are cast.  Children are happy.

But then...

Second-grade-spring-fever-drama takes hold! One of the boys decided to tell all the girls that they were his *girlfriend*.   You must know that this boy is incredibly sweet - and I love him! But he is a bit of a joke-ster.  One object of his affection was quite embarrassed - and the issue was... they were both cast as the SAME BUG! (Two beetles, it would be).

So, a couple of kids decided this would be a great time to start finding pictures of two beetles together, noting that the picture was the two students. Word on the street was that it was a picture of two beetles having a picnic.

And it was quite upsetting.  We had tears, role-playing, class meetings, self-esteem talks, feelings shared.  Many of the girls expressed sadness about being teased in the past for hair, glasses, or their looks in general.  It broke my heart! I literally went into 'Mama Bear' mode and told the girls that 'we girls have to look out for each other!" 

Which made we wonder - what kinds of formal activities could I do throughout the year to really help the girls build self-esteem?  We have our school-wide character building activities (through our PeaceBuilders program) and we do a lot of work with respect, helping others, & praising people.  This year I also had the 'bucket fillers' system in place.  But I'm thinking more about direct lessons on building self-esteem, authentic self-esteem.  I even think it could help to target boy and girl issues separately.

With all that technology brings - cyber-bullying in particular - this could be invaluable for our little ones as they venture into the world of online socializing.

I know that Dove has some self-esteem tool-kits that could be used in the classroom, so I'm going to be looking into them to see if they might work for my class next year.  I'll keep you all posted!

Oh, and SPRING FEVER.  It has arrived. 

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