Conferences & a funny!

This week, our district had parent-teacher conferences. And where there are conferences, there are report cards!  And even though it's a lot of work, it's refreshing to spend some time with adults talking about learning.  Of course that depends on the parent group you've got, but thankfully I've been lucky in that regard recently! 

I always find that the hard part of conferences is taking the time beforehand to really think about each child and where they're at, and offer quality, honest suggestions.  It's hard to love those kiddos and then not just say wonderful things!

But I digress.  Along with conferences and report card time (which at my school also means minimum/half days all week), comes slight chaos and confusion in the classroom -- especially concerning our normal schedule and routine.  Translate to second grader world: messed up prize-buying time.  But luckily I've taught them well: 1. I easily forget things.  2. If they don't take precautions to remind me, they will never get to buy prizes.  3.  Sticky notes are helpful for this purpose.

Can't you just hear my teacher voice?? "Yes, you can buy one.  But not right now since we're about to go to lunch.  Remind me again, first thing tomorrow."

How resourceful is this kid? I love it.

And I have a cute story for his mom at the conference! Score!

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