We don't have a son

One of the things I simply love about teaching primary is the funny and unexpected things that happen on a normal day.  

Today was no exception.

This week, we're learning about homophones.  When I begin teaching this concept, I do this funny activity with my kids:

Basically, I place posters around the classroom (about 10, enough for partners in my class) with cloze sentences that require a homophone to complete.   The posters are just whipped up from tag board and marker - no fancy stuff for this lesson. 
Then, I give each partner group an index card with the WRONG homophone.  Their job is to put it in the correct sentence.  The trick is, of course, that it doesn't make sense.  They get confused, I play dumb, we all have a good laugh, and then they remember why homophones are important. 

It works like a charm.  But sometimes, they outsmart me.  Like today:

Shoot! Now I know why my bed is never made! Or should I say, 'why my bed is never maid'.

Gotta love second graders!

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